Provincial Nominee Program Plays Important Role in Express Entry Program

The provinces in Canada have put out a very crucial role in the economic immigration selection system of the country known as the Express Entry system. Due to this reason, a large number of people are realizing the fact that if they want to settle in Canada permanently than the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) can play an important role.

Applicants who have been successful in obtaining their provincial nomination are able to secure 600 more points in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). With these additional points they move ahead almost at the front of the selection line up and stands a strong chance to be picked up in the Express Entry draw.

All the aspiring immigrants should note a point here that a provincial nomination may give them additional benefit in becoming a permanent resident of Canada. However, they can still become the permanent resident of Canada without having such nomination.

It should be noted here that most of the candidates that have been invited or those who received ITA in the year 2015 and 2016 did not had a nomination.

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has released an in-depth analysis report this week based on the data that is obtained on Express Entry-aligned PNP streams. A same kind of report has been released by IRCC that covered the year of 2015. This was the first analysis report released on the Express Entry system.

In the year 2015, only 13% of aspiring immigrants who were given the ITA were having a provincial nomination certificate by way of an Express Entry-aligned PNP stream. This share of people, however, has increased to nearly double to 26% in the year 2016.

Immigrating to Canada is tricky as well as easy. Easy because the country follows a welcome policy to bring in new immigrants to the country and it has realized and acknowledged the contribution they have made in the growth of Canada.

It is tricky to immigrate to Canada because the country follows a strict screening procedure to find out who should be allowed to enter the country or not. In case they find that an applicant does not fulfill the requirement to enter the country, they will not grant the visa to that applicant.

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Donald Trump Wants Complete Review of High-skilled H-1B Immigration Visa

US President Donald Trump, in all likelihood may direct a complete review of the high-skilled immigration visa program of the country. This new measure will be part of the actions that are taken by US to catch companies, including those in tech industry, that have employed foreign workers in place of Americans.

In the new executive order that is expected soon from Donald Trump, instructions will be given to the Department of Homeland Security that is responsible for the issuance of famous H-1B visa. The pattern in which this visa is being granted will be reviewed thoroughly.

Canada is the Leading Country in Immigration Innovation

They say that need is the mother of creation, and that saying remains constant when taking a gander at Canada’s way to deal with movement. While Canada is not generally known for being imaginative, it has recognized inventive ways to deal with enlist newcomers and encourage their joining into society for a long time. Canada’s migration framework has positively progressed significantly since Confederation, yet the nation should discover new developments to react to the nation’s present movement necessities.

In 1867, Canada had a populace of only 3.5 million individuals. It frantically required foreigners to develop its economy, secure its outskirts, and assemble a country. In the decades taking after

How to Prepare to Settle in Canada

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP) has gained lot of momentum in the initial weeks of its execution. New reports are emerging on the popularity and operation of this program.

On Friday, March 31, 2017, an announcement was made by the immigration minister of Canada, Ahmed Hussen that 50 employers have already been given the permission to employ international students and foreign workers, which will help them in becoming permanent resident of Canada through the AIPP.

After Being Detained by Immigration Agents – The New York Man Reunites with Family

It was a sorrowful open get-together Thursday for a Colombian settler who was abruptly pulled far from his better half and youthful child by migration authorities.

Juan Vivares, 29, grasped his significant other, Yahaira Burgos, 39, and their 1-year-old child, Christopher, as he discussed his experience in government confinement focuses in Texas and Louisiana.

His adventure started toward the end of last month when Vivares appeared for a standard registration with an Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer in Manhattan.

US Immigration Agents Arrest More Illegal Immigrants

Two Filipinos were among the 84 nonnatives captured a week ago by U.S. Movement and Customs Enforcement (ICE) specialists in a battle against undocumented nonnatives and those with remarkable criminal records in the midst of the new organization of President Donald Trump.

The U.S. ICE did not name the two Filipinos. Its 3-day operation was done in the U.S. Pacific Northwest.

The Philippine consulate in Washington, D.C. presently can’t seem to issue an announcement on the issue.

“Of those captured amid the implementation activity which finished Monday, 60 had criminal histories, including earlier feelings for sex violations, sedate offenses, and aggressive behavior at home,” the U.S. ICE said.

“The operation, led by ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO), directed criminal outsiders who represent an open security danger and people who have disregarded our country’s migration laws, including the individuals who re-entered the nation subsequent to being ousted and movement outlaws requested expelled by government migration judges,” it included.

The U.S. ICE said a portion of the people captured amid the implementation activity will be displayed for government indictment for reentry after expelling, which is a lawful offense deserving of up to 20 years in jail.

“Those not being criminally indicted will be prepared for expulsion from the nation. People who have remarkable requests of expelling, or who came back to the United States unlawfully subsequent to being ousted, are liable to prompt expulsion from the nation,” it included.

“This operation highlights our dedication to advancing open security through the quest for focused offenders dwelling in the U.S. unlawfully,” said Bryan Wilcox, acting field office executive for Seattle ERO.

Beside the two Filipinos, the outsiders captured included nationals from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, United Kingdom, Cambodia, Brazil, Laos, Western Samoa, Myanmar, and Russia.

The U.S. ICE has propelled a strengthened crusade against undocumented migrants taking after Trump’s triumph in the current presidential decision.

One undocumented Filipino, Rey Galleon, was sent back to the Philippines on March 17 after U.S. ICE staff went to their home in Southern California getting some information about his and his better half’s whereabouts. Ship imagined that ICE would first process undocumented individuals with criminal records.

Know how you can settle in Canada legally and permanently, contact WWICS complaints cell today and get your questions answered.

Read feedback from thousands of people who have been helped to settle in the country of their choice in the WWICS reviews section.

Federal Budget Gives Fresh Boost to Foreign Workers Program

The government of Canada has made the announcement that in the next five years it will give more than $270 million beginning from 2017 – 18. After this period it will give $49.8 million with the objective to provide continuous support to the International Mobility Program (IMP) and the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP).

These two programs will enable the absorption of foreign worker in Canada.

Western Provinces in Canada Continue with Active PNPs

The time of March has so far been another bustling one with regards to migration to Canada’s western territories. Late movement among the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) out west will permit an assorted scope of laborers and graduates to move to a locale that is winding up plainly progressively prominent among new settlers to Canada, with openings for work and high expectations for everyday comforts refered to as explanations behind this pattern.

So far this month, there have been attracts British Columbia (BC) and Manitoba — these regions keep on inviting people and families, both in Canada and abroad, to apply for a commonplace assignment testament. What’s more, Alberta keeps on handling applications through its different streams and classifications. Promote, Saskatchewan presented an application expense for two of its well known worldwide talented specialist streams — a sign that these streams will keep on opening for new applications all through 2017.

Donald Trump Puts Brakes on Illegal Immigration

The first few weeks of Donald Trump administration was surrounded by controversy. President Trump was accused for numerous reasons, prominent among them being his relation with Russia or his tweets about former President Obama.

One of the salient features of Trump administration has been the ban on illegal immigration. After facing lot of oppositions, the ban from Donald Trump has revealed promising results.

Canada Ranked 2nd Best Country in the World

This will sound like an old news, still the excitement is the same, however.

Canada has broken another record. It is something to be proud of, but it has not happened for the first time.

For the second time in a row Canada has been named as the second best country in the world to live in.

the survey was conducted by the US News & World Report and the Great White North was placed at the second position in the list of “Best Countries” this year.

The survey was conducted in collaboration with the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and the Young & Rubicam BAV Consulting.

The perfect 10 score was given to Switzerland which took the number 1 spot and with a score of 9.7, Canada was at the second position.