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A Brief Look at the IELTS Requirements for Canadian Immigration

When you immigrate to a country it is important that you understand the language of the local people living there. Regardless of how proficient you are in your job, it will be of little use unless you are able to communicate with the people around you.

If you want to immigrate to Canada or Australia you should show that you are good in speaking and understanding English. There are different testing standards which you will have to clear to show that you can understand and communicate with the local people living there.

Experience, Skills and Human Capital will be given More Value under the New Express Entry System

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has given a slight glimpse of how the new Express Entry system will look like. After working on the Express Entry system, IRCC has learned a lot many things from the experience and the changes that it has planned is based on the experience it has gained.

For instance, in the first year of Express Entry system, nearly 16% of the candidates were either food service supervisors or cooks. This is because a job offer was given more weight age in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

Mayors across US Defy Donald Trump’s Plan on Immigration

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray paid a visit to a local school, a day after Donald Trump was voted as the new president of United States. According to Ed Murray many of the students there are undocumented Latino who are upset by the new elected President. During the election campaign, Trump vowed to deport millions of American residents just like them.

Murray has planned to face the threat from federal government and has vowed to preserve Seattle as a sanctuary city. Seattle is one of the many cities across US that have decided to resist the orders from the federal government concerning deportation of illegal immigrants.

Democratic Cities under Fire from Donald Trump for Defending Illegal Immigrants

Donald Trump, the new president elect of United States of America, is preparing to deliver what he promised on illegal immigrants residing in the country. However, his act is not without resistance from some major cities in the country, WWICS.

In the latest news update, at least seven major cities in America have shown their commitment to safeguard illegal immigrants from federal immigration authorities. This decision has come after Republican president announced that federal funding will be blocked for “sanctuary cities”.

5 Mistakes Your Should Avoid While Choosing Consultant

Do you have plans to settle abroad? There is an abundance of immigration service providers available online and in your local area and it makes sense to take assistance from one of them.

In case you are interested to immigrate abroad, you need to go through the rules and regulations and fill out the paperwork. This task can be quite daunting for anyone, unless you are being guided by an expert immigration service provider like WWICS.

Immigration to be Made Easy as Canada Plans Major Changes in Express Entry System

Marching ahead on its promise to make immigration simpler, the government of Canada has planned to make major changes in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) for the Express Entry immigration program.

The objective is clear cut and straight forward, make it easy for international students & graduates and applicants to apply for permanent residency of Canada.

For a long time, people across the globe were waiting for these changes. Aspiring immigrants applying for Canada permanent residency under the

Applying with Spouse Increases the Chance of Getting Canada Permanent Residency

WWICS In order to become a permanent resident of Canada we should present our visa application form in a manner that increases our chances of being picked up from the Express Entry pool. There are numerous ways by which we can improve the probability of getting the invitation to apply (ITA).

In today’s article we take a look at couple of more factors that will make your application more worthy. Factors such as work experience and educational qualification applies to all candidates whether you apply as an individual or accompanying your spouse.

Canada to Raise Maximum Age Limit for Dependent Children to under 22

WWICS – MThis move was eagerly awaited by numerous permanent residents of Canada and potential applicants who want to immigrate to Canada. The government of Canada has finally announced that the maximum age of dependent children who can be included in a visa application will be raised to 22 years.

If this regulation is approved, it will be effective from fall 2017 and will be applicable on candidates who apply on or after the regulation come into force.

At present, the child of the principal applicant needs to be at or below the age of 19 in order to be accepted as a dependent, or be eligible for sponsorship by the principal applicant.

Canada Plans To Move in Top Gear to Increase Immigration

Canada is hard pressed to keep up with its current growth rate and for this it needs more people. More here means hundreds of thousands. Unfortunately, the birth rate of Canada is almost stagnant if not on decline. The population is aging and in all sense Canada cannot depend on its population for the desired growth.

There is only one solution to this problem and that is to bring in people from beyond national boundaries. The country is making all efforts to increase the rate of immigration. For the current year, Canada had set up the target to welcome 300,000 new immigrants.