About Us

WWICS – A Brief Introduction

WorldWide Immigration Consultancy Services (WWICS), over the years, has served as a strong pillar for all those who wanted to settle in developed economies of the world such as Canada, Australia, USA, UK, Europe and New Zealand.

It is now a well-known company and is distinguished for its customer centric service in the immigration sector. With its wonderful service WWICS has carved out a niche in this sector and is the preferred choice of consultant for anyone who wants to study, work and live permanently in a new country.

There are millions who have migrated from one country to another for better life and living standard. Once you file your application it undergoes various levels of scrutiny.

It is of utmost importance that everything mentioned in there is true to the best of your knowledge and all the fields are answered. Any shortcoming and it may result in delay or denial.

Nothing should be taken lightly or for granted when you decide to apply for immigration.

In case you are seeking to relocate to another country than you can get simplified solutions from WWICS. Our dedicated team of advisors will help you explore your options for immigration or to lodge an application.

The range of services provided by WWICS simplifies your filing process and maximizes your chances of getting approval. Our primary objective is to provide accurate and quality service to our clients at competitive price.

We never compromise on quality, practicality and accuracy, and give our best to save time and money of our clients. Regardless of the type of immigration solution you are looking for, we are confident that our expertise and guidance will turn out fruitful for you.

WWICS has realized the dreams of more than 100 thousand people and they are happily settled in some of the most sort-after destinations. We are one-stop-solutions to any of your immigration requirement including but not limited to:

  • Business Immigration (USA, Canada, Europe & Australia)
  • Provincial Nominee Program (Canada)
  • Study Visa (Canada, New Zealand, USA, Australia, Singapore & Europe)
  • Family Class Visa
  • Visitor Visa


Every case filed is taken individually, to increase the chances of approval your file should be created depending on your individual circumstances and requirements. Expert counselor at WWICS will give you individual attention and your case will be tailor made according to your personal requirement.


Considering the unpredictable nature of governing authorities that grant visa and their ever changing rules and regulations, it is crucial that you get your application filed under the safe guidance of WWICS.


There is a difference in having a wish and a purpose. We at WWICS have a purpose to help accomplish your wish to immigrate.