Applying with Spouse Increases the Chance of Getting Canada Permanent Residency

WWICS In order to become a permanent resident of Canada we should present our visa application form in a manner that increases our chances of being picked up from the Express Entry pool. There are numerous ways by which we can improve the probability of getting the invitation to apply (ITA).

In today’s article we take a look at couple of more factors that will make your application more worthy. Factors such as work experience and educational qualification applies to all candidates whether you apply as an individual or accompanying your spouse.

Applying for Canada permanent residency along with your spouse will improve your chance considerably. You will get CRS points based on the educational level of your spouse, language proficiency, and the amount of work experience he or she has.

You can get an additional 40 points if you apply for Canada permanent residency along with your spouse. Good amount of points can be scored if your spouse is able to obtain an ECA and / or clears a language test.

The spouse is also rewarded by some PNP categories for the educational qualification obtained, study and work experience, and abilities in language. In order to increase the chance of getting ITA, it is important to decide as to who should be the principal applicant.

There is no rule that stops a couple from applying individually. Let us take a look at a scenario: a couple in whom, one is 36 year old and is an engineer and the other is a 29 year old cook. In this case, the engineer looks to be the superior candidate, but, to increase the probability of acceptance, the cook should apply, as she is of younger age.

If we substitute engineer with a doctor and a cook with a plumber, than the situation will remain the same. It should be noted here that 3 years of work experience weighs equal to 10 – 15 years of experience, as maximum amount of points are given for 3 years of work experience.

In case you are confused on who should apply for Canada permanent residency as the principal applicant than you can contact the WWICS complaints cell. You will get all the right guidance from here on how you can improve your chances of becoming permanent resident of Canada.

The ethical and dedicated working of WWICS has helped numerous people to settle permanently in Canada. You can read their feedback in the WWICS reviews section.

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