Bill for Canadian Citizenship Moves Ahead to Become Law


The Bill C-6 which proposed to make it easy to become citizens of Canada for permanent resident has moved a step ahead to become a law. Mobina Jaffer, Canadian Senator revealed on June 15th that the bill may get the royal approval as early as next Monday.

The Senate has passed the legislation for Bill C-6 on June 15th in a vote for 51 for and 29 against. The bill was previously passed by the Senate with three amendments on 3rd May. The government reviewed those amendments after that and it was returned back to the Senate and it passed from there with a better majority as compared to the previous one.

Changes in the Eligibility Requirements for Citizenship

various changes were proposed to Bill C-6 for the Citizenship Act. Many of these removed that changes that were brought in by the Conservative government in 2014 with Bill C-24. The residency requirement was raised by this bill and one could apply to become permanent resident of Canada after spending four out of six years in Canada.

This time period has been reduced by Bill C-6. As per the rules in this bill a permanent resident need to be present in Canada in three out of five years before it can apply for Citizenship for Canada.

Along with this, a portion of the time spent by international student and temporary foreign workers will be counted towards becoming the citizen of Canada.

The country wants new immigrants to be able to develop successful lives here. As and when an international student or a temporary worker become the permanent resident of Canada they become attached to this country in a better way than ever before. Becoming the citizen of Canada is an important step for permanent resident towards their complete settlement in the country.

The intent to reside provision has also been removed by the Bill C-6. As per this rule a permanent resident of Canada has to show that he or she will stay in Canada after becoming the citizen.

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