Canada should Increase Immigration Level as USA Close Doors for Refugees

US have closed its doors for refugees. The responsibility is now passed on to other nations and Canada to open their doors wider to welcome more refugees, as per various advocates.

The executive order passed by President Donald Trump puts a ban on seven Muslim dominated countries from coming to the United States of America. US has also refused to accept refugees for a period of 120 days.

Indefinite ban has been imposed by President Trump for accepting refugees from Syria. The number of refugees that will be accepted by US in the coming years has also been reduced to 50,000 from at least 110,000.

According to chairman of the refugee working group, Donald Smith, the latest move on immigration from US will have huge implications.

At present, the single largest refugees’ population in the world comes from Syria and it is really something significant when you refuse to accept people from such a place.

Canada has set up the target to bring in 25,000 refugees in the year 2017. According to the new immigration minister of Canada, Ahmed Hussen this number is already high.

Hussen also added that history is evident that Canada has maintained a high level of immigration level for refugees. Canada wants to maintain that level provided there is room for everyone.

Jenny Kwan, the NDP immigration critic, stated that the ban imposed by President Trump is different from the openness and diversity that is followed by Canada.

There are targets in mind of all the countries regarding the amount of refugees they want to accept, according to United Nations High Commission on Refugees.

The gracious nature of Canada and of the people living in there surely understands the added responsibility they have now to welcome more refugees into the country and help them in settling here happily.

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