Canada Plans To Move in Top Gear to Increase Immigration

Canada is hard pressed to keep up with its current growth rate and for this it needs more people. More here means hundreds of thousands. Unfortunately, the birth rate of Canada is almost stagnant if not on decline. The population is aging and in all sense Canada cannot depend on its population for the desired growth.

There is only one solution to this problem and that is to bring in people from beyond national boundaries. The country is making all efforts to increase the rate of immigration. For the current year, Canada had set up the target to welcome 300,000 new immigrants.

Canada made changes to its immigration policies and a new system was put into effect from January 2015. This new system is popularly known as the Express Entry System in which a pool is created of eligible candidates.

Draws are held at regular interval and candidates who obtained the maximum points on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) are sent the Invitation to Apply (ITAs). The selected candidates can then apply for permanent residency of Canada.

This new system has made the immigration process considerably efficient. The effect of the new immigration system is clearly evident as the number of immigration has increased considerably in the past 2 years.

Banking on the success of its new immigration system, the government of Canada has decided to fine tune its new immigration system so that it can further increase the annual number of immigration.

Aspiring immigrants will be thoroughly delighted to know that, according to latest update, Canada wants to bring in 425,000 annually by the year 2020.

This is the right time to apply for permanent residency of Canada, if this is what you dream. A better life, a better future for you and your family is waiting just around the corner.

The government of Canada has opened its doors to welcome a large number of new immigrants, however, it must be noted that every visa application submitted is scrutinized carefully and to the minutest detail.

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