Canada to Raise Maximum Age Limit for Dependent Children to under 22

WWICS – MThis move was eagerly awaited by numerous permanent residents of Canada and potential applicants who want to immigrate to Canada. The government of Canada has finally announced that the maximum age of dependent children who can be included in a visa application will be raised to 22 years.

If this regulation is approved, it will be effective from fall 2017 and will be applicable on candidates who apply on or after the regulation come into force.

At present, the child of the principal applicant needs to be at or below the age of 19 in order to be accepted as a dependent, or be eligible for sponsorship by the principal applicant.

The maximum age limit for dependent children was lowered by the previous conservative government. Prior to this, the maximum age limit was at or below 22 years for dependent children. The proposed changes will put in place the regulation that was effective from June, 2002 to July 2014.

An Ongoing Commitment to Reunite Family

Increasing the maximum age limit for dependent children is in line with the commitment from the present Liberal government to reunite families. It will also open the doors for more children to become the permanent resident of Canada.

The statement that is released by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) describes the proposed changes will make it easier for young adults who entered Canada as dependant to become the permanent residents of the country.

The proposed changes will lead to a successful and faster integration of young adults into Canadian society. Moreover, it seals a better future of Canada as more young blood will be in there.

IRCC also stated that education is also considered as an important factor in increasing the minimum age. As per the statement, given the importance of education, it is usual for children to remain with their family as long as they pursue higher education before they enter the labor market. The proposed change in the maximum age of dependent child is in line with the current trend.

Immigrating and settling in Canada is becoming increasingly simple. Provided you apply in the right manner, there is high probability that your visa application will be accepted and you will be granted permanent residency of Canada.

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