Canadian Government Wants Massive Increase in Immigration

The government of Canada has set up an external advisory group in an effort to boost the immigration to the country. The Advisory Council on Economic Growth is being tasked to give the advice so that immigration can be increased by nearly 50%. The government of Canada has given indication that it wants to take in 450,000 immigrants annually in the next five years.

The advisory group will also make suggestion on how immigration process for entrepreneurs and skilled workers can be made easier. The group is considering the prospects on the short and long term effect on the economy due to increase in immigration.

In case the recommendations made by the advisory group are being implemented, it will continue the work which it had started nearly 12 months before. It was revealed last month that the number of immigration that took place last year has been the highest till now in the modern history.

More than 320,000 new immigrants have settled down in Canada as permanent resident of the country from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016. This number is nearly 33% more as compared to previous year. A year before, nearly 240,000 new immigrants had come to the country as permanent residents of Canada.

Apart from these latest measures, it was clearly indicated by the federal immigration Minister John McCallum that new immigrants to Canada have to be increased substantially. This is being done to overcome the shortage of labor and counter the demographic changes that are happening because of aging population.

The present government of Canada, which is formed by the Liberal Party of Canada, is considered as supportive of diversity, immigration and multiculturalism. In the coming time, the government is expected to come out with its plans on immigration for the year 2017 and ahead.

It is expected that improvements will also be made to various immigration programs and how to reduce the processing time. The measures that have been taken till now to boost immigration to Canada have given positive results.

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