9 Occupations Added by New Brunswick in Express Entry Priority List

The Atlantic Canada territory of New Brunswick has refreshed the need occupations list for its Express Entry Labor Market Stream.

The occupations list for the Express Entry New Brunswick Labor Market Stream continues to target Information and Communications Technology specialists, among others. Canada immigration consultants have the experience and the expertise to provide the right guidance on immigration.

Canada visa consultants can guide you in the right manner on how you can apply for immigration through New Brunswick province.

New Brunswick’s Express Entry Labor Market Stream enables the territory to choose qualified applicants in the federal Express Entry system and welcome them to apply for a common designation.

Express Entry competitors with a commonplace selection from New Brunswick get an extra 600 Comprehensive Ranking System indicates their Express Entry score. Canada immigration consultants have years of experience and they are the right people to provide you with right immigration guidance.

Notwithstanding work involvement in one of the above occupations, hopefuls should at present meet one of the accompanying criteria, among others characterized by the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP):

Are at present utilized in New Brunswick or have work offer from a New Brunswick organization that is assigned Skill Type O, Skill Level An or Skill Level B under Canada’s National Occupational Classification (NOC); OR

Have a youngster, sibling, sister, parent, grandparent, uncle or close relative living in New Brunswick who is no less than 18 years of age and has lived in the area for no less than multi year as a changeless occupant or national of Canada; OR

You can contact Canada visa consultants to get the right guidance on how to apply for Canada visa. Exhibit French as first dialect, demonstrated by a Test d’évaluation de français (TEF).

To be considered under this stream,  you should first present an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the NBPNP.

The NBPNP will just consider Expressions of Interest to this classification from competitors who meet the qualification criteria for the Federal Skilled Worker Class and score at least 67 brings up of 100 in the FSWC choice variables. All applicants should likewise meet the qualification criteria for the Express Entry New Brunswick Labor Market Stream.

Canada Makes Effort to Process Student Visa Faster

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is making lot of effort to promote Canada as the most preferred option for international students who are looking for quality education. The Canadian immigration authority wants to make the application processing of the students efficient, thereby reducing the workload on them.

With the view to increase the study permit applications, an announcement was made by IRCC recently that the Student Direct Stream (SDS). This option is available to students who are applying for Canada student visa from India, China, Philippines and Vietnam.

Those who are applying for Canada student visa from these countries and they are able to show that they have enough financial resources and the desired language skills to be successful in Canada academically will be able to benefit from the faster processing under the new rules.

Similar kinds of programs are available for these four countries in the past few years. IRCC is making efforts to join these Canada student visa programs into one option which will provide consistency and efficiency in processing.

IRCC is also looking forward to expand SDS to Africa and are on the look out for options in Senegal and Kenya. Taking the operation to Senegal for Student visa for Canada will be in line with the objective of the department to bring in more French-speaking students to Canada.

In order to be able to qualify for SDS, an applicant is required to fulfill the additional requirements, particularly in that of the language which are more strict than the regular requirements of student visa Canada.

In case you as a student as not able to fulfill all the requirements for student visa for Canada through the SDS, should not worry, as they will be able to apply by way of the regular student visa Canada that is available for application processing. They can either go to the Visa Application Centre to submit the application or they can do this online.

The SDS will prepare the students for the Express Entry system as well as these people on Canada student visa will be in a better position to apply for permanent residency for Canada or for citizenship once they complete their studies in Canada, if they desired for so.

The objective of IRCC in making all these changes is to improve the functioning of International Student Program by making the services easier, faster and more accessible. How successful this SDS program will be can only be made known when the government express its intention to continue the program in 2019 or not.

When you plan to apply for student visa Canada through SDS should first get a letter of acceptance from the Canadian Designated Learning Institute (DLI).

Along with this the person who is applying for Canada student visa should show proof of tuition payment for the first year of study at a DLI in Canada, complete an upfront medical examination, purchase Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) of $10,000, should show language proficiency by scoring a minimum of 6 bands in IELTS or TEF 7 for French. Another option available here is in the form of graduation from a Canadian curriculum high school.

Canada’s Immigration Minister, Ahmed Hussen, said in a statement – “IRCC recognizes the tremendous cultural, economic and social benefits that are brought in by international students to Canada. We are committed to improve the client service for all the applications, this also include students, as efforts are being made continuously to come out with new and efficient means so as to reduce the processing times.”

Applying for Student visa for Canada is not easy there are numerous formalities that are required to be met in order to successfully apply for Canada student visa. In case you made a mistake at any place during this process than it is highly likely that there will be unnecessary delay or your application may be turned down completely.

There is one way where you can successfully apply for student visa Canada and that is by taking the assistance of the world’s largest immigration consultant WWICS. In the past nearly 24 years of its operation WWICS has helped thousands of immigrants in fulfilling their dream of settling happily in the country of their choice.

In case you have confusion or face difficulty in applying for Canada student visa, than you can contact one of the expert consultants at WWICS and get all the desired help that you are looking for. In place of making any mistake in the application form for student visa for Canada, it is better to take assistance from someone who knows the trade well.

WWICS is well equipped to handle all your queries related to student visa for Canada and will provide you complete assistance on how to apply for one. For a hassle free and error free processing of your Canada student visa application, you should come straight to WWICS.

Canada Should Support Immigrant Entrepreneurs to Improve International Trade, Says New Report

Canada’s effort to diversify trade and strengthen its economy can be benefited through better government support for immigrant entrepreneurs who come through Canada investor visa, says a new report from the Conference Board of Canada.

The interest of Canadian government in tapping the markets in Asia and South America is growing. Improving the success rate of immigrant entrepreneurs through Canada investor visa particularly those involved in knowledge-based industries will be in the best interest of Canada, says the report from Conference Board of Canada’s National Immigration Centre.

Immigrant entrepreneurs on Canada investor visa have valuable language skills, education, foreign business networks and something what is called in the report as “important know-what knowledge” to develop markets, such as consumer preferences and emerging trends.

According to the report, entrepreneurs who have international experience have higher probability of doing business abroad and succeed. With these skills and experience they are in a better position as compared to Canadian-born counterparts.

The points highlights a study that shows a 10% increase in immigrant population through Canada investor visa but with only one percent increase in its exports.

The report says – if we take a look at the numbers, a 10% increase in immigrant population of Canada of 7.5 million people would result in merchandise exports increase by $5.5 billion.

The report has observed that a number of unique challenges are faced by immigrant entrepreneurs which are not there for Canadian-born counterparts. These challenges include weak business and social networks in Canada, cultural barriers, problems in financing and accessing bank loans and insufficient familiarity with available international and domestic business supports.

These challenges are of quite big size in case of immigrant entrepreneurs who have been living in Canada for less than 10 years.

Some numbers from Statistics Canada back up the studies shown in the report. According to 2018 statistics it has been found that just 51% of businesses that were started between 2003 and 2009 by immigrant entrepreneurs remained in operation for nearly seven years. On the other hand, 58% of businesses started by Canadian-born entrepreneurs remained operational for that period.

Four Recommendations

Four key suggestions have been put forward by the Conference Board of Canada to improve the success rate of immigrant entrepreneurs and harness the potential of internationally connected and educated immigrants for Canada’s trade efforts.

Provide better networks for recent immigrant entrepreneurs

  1. Enhance awareness of international and domestic business support
  2. Provide settlement support programs that are more dedicated
  3. Improve availability of finance

2 Tips to Help You Find the Right Job After Graduating in Canada

Thousands of applications are submitted every year for student visa for Canada. There are thousands of students across Canada who had a long-awaited graduation season.

After working hard with dedication for years, many graduates look to get hooked in a job that not only aligns with their career, but also enables to put their acquired knowledge to best use.

Student visa for Canada is the first step to obtain a high profile education. All those who graduate fresh out of college will face tough competition and at times it is difficult to get a job that is according to their academic prowess and is in line with their career goals.

However, every graduate has to start somewhere and grabbing every opportunity will increase the probability of getting hired.

Here is a brief guide for all those on Canada student visa and are looking for the right job after graduation. Through this write up we have tried to make it easy for you to land a job that is right for you.

A Strong Professional Network will be Helpful

WWICS GROUPIt is important to build strong professional relations in the industry you want to work. You should start this process even before you graduate as it will take time.

You can do so by attending industry events, building references and sign up for meet ups with individuals who are like minded.

According to professionals, those on Canada student visa who start to build a network of advisers. They can do this by contacting and conversing with people have already worked in the industry for two to three years. Professional networking website such as Linkedin can be really helpful for this task.

It will be good if you can ask the person for a coffee and may be you can get a volunteer position, which is a good option to start with for Canada student visa.

Do Not Feel Shy

At times, the one who is the loudest in the group gets the first attention. Remove the shyness in you, in case you are of that type, and start getting social. To begin with, you should not feel shy to ask questions in class and in starting conversations with fellow students.

Some people who are on student visa for Canada are just too shy to break the cocoon! Well, they can join a club or discussion group or an organization that meets their interest. Building communication skills will give you confidence to ask out what you want.