Latest Express Entry Draw: ITA’s issued to 3,900 applicants to apply for permanent residence in new draw

The Government of Canada has invited 3,900 candidates to apply for Canadian permanent residence under Express Entry System in its latest draw, held on October 3, 2018. The minimum Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score for this draw was 445.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) applied the ‘tie-break’ rule in the latest draw as well. Therefore, those candidates who have a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of 445 and above and have submitted an Express Entry profile before October 2, 2018 at 04:02:11 UTC have received an Invitation to Apply (ITA) in this draw.

The Express Entry system is mainly used in three major federal economic immigration programs: Federal Skilled Worker (FSW), Federal Skilled Trades (FST), and Canadian Experience Class (CEC). Those interested in entering the Express Entry pool need to first fulfill the requirements for one of the these three programs managed by Express Entry.

Once candidates enter their application in the pool, their ranking is determined on the strength of various factors including their education, language ability, work experience, and few other factors. Depending upon these factors, candidates are ranked on the basis of Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), which assigns a score out of 1,200.

Candidates who have received Invitation to Apply (ITA) need to submit a complete application for Canadian permanent resident status to the Government of Canada within 60 days of issuing an ITA.

Express Entry candidates can improve their Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score in various ways, including a provincial nomination that can add additional 600 CRS points.

Express Entry-linked Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) have been very active this year. Many new streams have also been introduced in Nova Scotia and Alberta in 2018. Every Canadian province and territory with a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) now offer at least one Express Entry-linked nomination stream.

Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of 445 is an increase of four points than the last draw, which had a minimum CRS score of 441. In fact before this draw the CRS score kept fluctuating in between 440-441 since July, 2018. There is no denying the fact that the increase in CRS score has made the system quite tougher but the number of ITA’s issued (3,900) has increased and are highest since its inception.


9 Occupations Added by New Brunswick in Express Entry Priority List

The Atlantic Canada territory of New Brunswick has refreshed the need occupations list for its Express Entry Labor Market Stream.

The occupations list for the Express Entry New Brunswick Labor Market Stream continues to target Information and Communications Technology specialists, among others. Canada immigration consultants have the experience and the expertise to provide the right guidance on immigration.

Canada visa consultants can guide you in the right manner on how you can apply for immigration through New Brunswick province.

New Brunswick’s Express Entry Labor Market Stream enables the territory to choose qualified applicants in the federal Express Entry system and welcome them to apply for a common designation.

Express Entry competitors with a commonplace selection from New Brunswick get an extra 600 Comprehensive Ranking System indicates their Express Entry score. Canada immigration consultants have years of experience and they are the right people to provide you with right immigration guidance.

Notwithstanding work involvement in one of the above occupations, hopefuls should at present meet one of the accompanying criteria, among others characterized by the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP):

Are at present utilized in New Brunswick or have work offer from a New Brunswick organization that is assigned Skill Type O, Skill Level An or Skill Level B under Canada’s National Occupational Classification (NOC); OR

Have a youngster, sibling, sister, parent, grandparent, uncle or close relative living in New Brunswick who is no less than 18 years of age and has lived in the area for no less than multi year as a changeless occupant or national of Canada; OR

You can contact Canada visa consultants to get the right guidance on how to apply for Canada visa. Exhibit French as first dialect, demonstrated by a Test d’évaluation de français (TEF).

To be considered under this stream,  you should first present an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the NBPNP.

The NBPNP will just consider Expressions of Interest to this classification from competitors who meet the qualification criteria for the Federal Skilled Worker Class and score at least 67 brings up of 100 in the FSWC choice variables. All applicants should likewise meet the qualification criteria for the Express Entry New Brunswick Labor Market Stream.

Canada Should Support Immigrant Entrepreneurs to Improve International Trade, Says New Report

Canada’s effort to diversify trade and strengthen its economy can be benefited through better government support for immigrant entrepreneurs who come through Canada investor visa, says a new report from the Conference Board of Canada.

The interest of Canadian government in tapping the markets in Asia and South America is growing. Improving the success rate of immigrant entrepreneurs through Canada investor visa particularly those involved in knowledge-based industries will be in the best interest of Canada, says the report from Conference Board of Canada’s National Immigration Centre.

Immigrant entrepreneurs on Canada investor visa have valuable language skills, education, foreign business networks and something what is called in the report as “important know-what knowledge” to develop markets, such as consumer preferences and emerging trends.

According to the report, entrepreneurs who have international experience have higher probability of doing business abroad and succeed. With these skills and experience they are in a better position as compared to Canadian-born counterparts.

The points highlights a study that shows a 10% increase in immigrant population through Canada investor visa but with only one percent increase in its exports.

The report says – if we take a look at the numbers, a 10% increase in immigrant population of Canada of 7.5 million people would result in merchandise exports increase by $5.5 billion.

The report has observed that a number of unique challenges are faced by immigrant entrepreneurs which are not there for Canadian-born counterparts. These challenges include weak business and social networks in Canada, cultural barriers, problems in financing and accessing bank loans and insufficient familiarity with available international and domestic business supports.

These challenges are of quite big size in case of immigrant entrepreneurs who have been living in Canada for less than 10 years.

Some numbers from Statistics Canada back up the studies shown in the report. According to 2018 statistics it has been found that just 51% of businesses that were started between 2003 and 2009 by immigrant entrepreneurs remained in operation for nearly seven years. On the other hand, 58% of businesses started by Canadian-born entrepreneurs remained operational for that period.

Four Recommendations

Four key suggestions have been put forward by the Conference Board of Canada to improve the success rate of immigrant entrepreneurs and harness the potential of internationally connected and educated immigrants for Canada’s trade efforts.

Provide better networks for recent immigrant entrepreneurs

  1. Enhance awareness of international and domestic business support
  2. Provide settlement support programs that are more dedicated
  3. Improve availability of finance

How to Become Eligible to Apply for Canada Express Entry System

Thousands of people dream to immigrate to Canada. The path to realizing this big dream is a complex one and there are many formalities that need to be met before one can immigrate to Canada in a fair and legal manner.


In 2015, the immigration authorities of Canada started a new system to bring in new immigrants to the country, and it is known by the name Express Entry system. In this new system of immigration to Canada a pool of candidates is created who fulfill the basic minimum requirement.


Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) conducts Express Entry draw at regular interval wherein it sends Invitation to Apply (ITA) to candidates who rank high in the Express Entry pool.


Candidates in the Express Entry pool are ranked as per the points that are obtained by them in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) scoring. Now, a number of factors are used by Canada immigration authority to give points to candidates as per the CRS.


If you want to be considered for the next invitation round than you are supposed to score more points and rank high in the Express Entry pool. Just that you are eligible to apply for the Express Entry system does not guarantee that you will receive the Invitation to Apply (ITA) in the next Express Entry draw.


This means that being eligible to submit your profile in the Express Entry system that is run by Canada is different from being able to rank high enough in order to be considered to receive the Invitation to Apply (ITA) in an Express Entry draw.


The factors on which a candidates is judged include age, education, experience and language. There are numerous other factors in which a candidate is examined in the Comprehensive ranking system (CRS).


Whether a person has a job offer from Canada or has studied in Canada will also effect the number of points a person can score in the Comprehensive ranking system. A provincial nomination from a province in Canada will also increase the CRS score of the candidate.


WWICS is one place where you can get the right guidance on how you can become eligible to apply for Express Entry System and also to score more points in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).


With assistance from WWICS your chances of being selected in the Express Entry draw will improve considerably and you will ultimately realize your dream to become permanent resident of Canada.



New Expression of Interest Draw Conducted by Manitoba

Another Expression of Interest draw was directed by Manitoba on May 11 for a common designation and a sum of 626 Letters of Advice to Apply were issued. It incorporates 151 applicants being grabbed from the government Canada Express Entry pool.

According to Manitoba’s Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) an occupation searcher approval code was required from Canada Express Entry hopefuls who were welcomed by method for Express Entry-connected Skilled Workers Overseas sub-stream. Alongside this, at least a half year of late work encounter was additionally required in an occupation given in the MPNP’s In-Demand Occupations List.

The Express Entry applicants with the most minimal rank who was welcomed had scored 562 focuses under the Manitoba’s Expression of Interest (EOI) positioning framework.

usa-900x300 canada-900x300 An extra of 600 focuses in the Comprehensive Ranking System score was given to Canada Express Entry applicants whose application was effectively gotten for commonplace assignment.

In the Skilled Workers in Manitoba Stream an aggregate of 267 applicants were issued the Letters of Advice to Apply, or LAAs, and the hopeful with least rank who was chosen had score 500 focuses in EOI positioning.

In addition, 109 competitors in the Skilled Workers Overseas Stream were additionally issued LAAs. 602 was the score of the applicant with the most reduced rank in this gathering.

To be chosen an applicant need the accompanying:

Work involvement or past training in Manitoba or a nearby relative dwelling in the territory.

At least a half year of late involvement in an occupation given In-Demand Occupations rundown of Manitoba.

Pronounced a local goal

At least CLB 5 dialect capability unless work encounter is for the most part in a directed occupation (least 7) or a mandatory exchange (CLB 6)

99 Letters of Advice to Apply were additionally issued in this draw under the Strategic Recruitment Initiative through the Skilled Workers Stream and 706 was the score of the hopeful who was at the base of the rundown.

Key Recruitment Initiative involves:

Enrollment Missions – These are abroad migration/business fairs held by MPNP delegates and outside talented laborers are met in it. They are than welcomed to apply after a formal Expression of Interest (EOI) is put together by them to the MPNP.

Exploratory Visits – People who have experienced a pre-affirmed Exploratory Visit and have cleared a meeting with a program authority might be welcomed by MPNP.

New Brunswick Wants to Increase Immigration to Overcome Labour Shortage

Four decades ago, the labour force of New Brunswick was increasing at around 4,000 people in a year. The present situation is, the population of this place is shrinking at almost the same rate.

According to economist and author Richard Saillant, thanks to the nearly 1,000 new immigrants that are coming to New Brunswick every year.

The population of this province is not reducing at the same rate. You can immigrate to Canada through Express Entry program for Canada.

Saillant added that if the province wants to stabilize the workforce than it needs to bring in nearly 3,000 every year. This number of immigrants will be just enough so as to stop the reduction in workforce. Consult a reputed immigration consultant to apply for express entry for Canada.

The primary reason for this reduction in workforce in New Brunswick is that more number of people are retiring than the ones working or looking for work. The same trend can be seen in other Atlantic provinces of Canada.

Nearly a third of the population of New Brunswick was born between 1945 to 1965 that is during the baby boom years, and most of these people are closing to their retirement age. New immigrants come through express entry program for Canada.

Surprisingly, the province has less children below the age of 15 than people who are above 65 years of age.

The economic growth of New Brunswick is growing by only 0.5% annually and the only reason for this is short of workers. This has created a ripple effect and the tax base of New Brunswick is reducing because of which it is struggling to meet the social service and health care needs of aging population.

Sallian has stressed that the province is making progress in bringing new immigrants, however, it needs to increase its efforts four fold than what it is doing now. The economist has warned that the health care spending will increase considerably in the coming years.  Consult a reputed immigration consultant to apply for express entry for Canada

These economists are working to create awareness in communities about the demographic crisis and the need to increase the number of new immigrants.

US EB-5 Visa – A Brief Overview

Outside speculators must meet particular United States Citizenship and Immigration (USCIS) necessities to get their perpetual residency through the EB-5 visa program. By and large, the speculator must meet capital venture sum necessities, work creation prerequisites, and guarantee that the business getting the speculation fits the bill for the EB-5 program. EB 5 investor visa candidates, their companion, and their youngsters under 21 will acquire their changeless residency green card once the sum total of what prerequisites have been effectively met and endorsed by the USCIS.

Required EB-5 Investment Amount

EB 5 investor visa candidates are normally required to make either a $500,000 or $1 million capital venture sum into a U.S. business endeavor. The USA Green card visa venture can appear as money, stock, gear, secured obligation, unmistakable property, or money counterparts and is valuated in view of U.S. dollar honest esteem.

The base measure of capital required for the EB 5 investor visa program might be diminished from $1 million to $500,000 if the speculation is made in a business element that is situated in a targeted work territory (TEA). The EB-5 venture should either be in a country region or in a territory that has high joblessness keeping in mind the end goal to meet all requirements for TEA assignment.

High joblessness regions are geographic areas with a joblessness rate that is no less than 150 percent of the national joblessness rate at the season of the USA Green card visa speculation. Provincial territories are geographic locales that are outside of a city with a populace of at least 20,000. Rustic zones can likewise be geographic locales that are outside of what the U.S. Office of Management and Budget has assigned as metropolitan measurable regions.

EB-5 Job Creation Requirements

The USCIS requires that USA Green card visa speculations result in the making of 10 all day employments for U.S. specialists. These employments must be made inside the two year time frame after the financial specialist has gotten their contingent perpetual residency. Now and again, the speculator must have the capacity to demonstrate that their venture prompted the formation of direct occupations for representatives who work specifically inside the business element that got the speculation.

In any case, the EB 5 investor visa speculator may just need to demonstrate that 10 full-time backhanded or incited occupations were made if the venture was made in a provincial focus. Backhanded occupations are those made in organizations that supply products or administrations to the EB-5 venture. Prompted occupations are employments made inside the more prominent group because of salary being spent by USA Green card visa venture representatives.

EB-5 Business Entities

There are a few kinds of business elements in which an EB 5 investor visa candidate can contribute. When all is said in done, the candidates can put specifically in another business venture or in a local focus. New plug endeavors are legal revenue driven substances that can take one of various business structures. Such business structures incorporate enterprises, restricted or general organizations, sole proprietorships, business trusts, or other secretly or openly possessed business structures. All new plug endeavors more likely than not been set up after November 29, 1990.

How You can Apply for Travel Visa for New Zealand

In the event that you are pondering what we are discussing here, given us a chance to advise you, we have quite recently disclosed to you Welcome in Maori dialect. It is a dialect of local individuals of NZ – Maoris!

In this arrangement we will take all of you through a standout amongst the most wonderful and near nature goals of the world – New Zealand travel visa.

Where is New Zealand?

New Zealand is situated in the South Pacific Ocean, topographically situated in both the southern and eastern halves of the globe, toward the southeast of Australia. Auckland is 36 degrees 83′ South, 174 degrees 65′ East.

Tourist visa New Zealand is one of the main places on the planet to see the new day, 12 hours in front of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

In summer New Zealand utilizes ‘sunshine sparing’, with timekeepers set forward one hour to GMT+13.

Sunshine sparing starts on the last Sunday in September and closures on the primary Sunday of the next April, when timekeepers are returned to GMT+12.


Indian international ID holders do require a substantial New Zealand travel Visa to movement to New Zealand. Your international ID ought to have a legitimacy of over a half year, present the required records and you are prepared to travel to New Zealand.


Tourist visa New Zealand Dollar is one of the solid monetary forms winning on the planet. The conversion scale is on a normal $1NZD = INR 50.

Every one of the shops and different shippers acknowledge all real credit and check cards and it is anything but difficult to trade the money at any outside trade dealer.

Explorer’s Tip: you will be astonished to realize that tipping isn’t required in New Zealand.

Traveling to New Zealand:

New Zealand travel visa is extremely very much associated with whole world through significant Airlines like Singapore Airlines, Malaysian Airlines, Thai Airways, Cathy Pacific and so forth. However to fly from India, Singapore Airlines is the best choice. The typical flying hours is 10 hours from Singapore.


The north of tourist visa New Zealand is subtropical and the south mild. The hottest months are December, January and February, and the coldest are June, July and August. In summer, the normal greatest temperature runs between 20-30ºC and in winter between 10-15ºC.

Well being

New Zealand is one of the most secure travel goals on the planet, with a low wrongdoing rate, couple of endemic infections and a five star medicinal services and mishap pay framework. However any explorer take after similar insurances with your own wellbeing and belonging as you would in some other nation, or at home.

Canada’s April 11th Express Entry Draw Invited 3,500 Candidates

Canada’s Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada completed the express passage draw on April eleventh, 2018, and an aggregate of 3,500 Invitations to Apply (ITAs) were issued to hopefuls who will now be in a situation to apply for their changeless residency for Canada.

The cut-off for the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) remained at 444 focuses, which is two focuses not as much as the draw that was held before this one.

The Express Entry draw which was hung on March 26 was held 12 days before this one and the CRS cut-off dropped by 10 focuses amid that welcome round, when contrasted with the past one.

The most recent Express Entry draw has broken the pattern of the quantity of ITAs that were issued in past draws of 3,000. Beginning from February seventh, IRCC has adhered to this number for the ITAs issued in each Express Entry draw. Continue reading “Canada’s April 11th Express Entry Draw Invited 3,500 Candidates”

Border Officials of Canada Prepare For Another Rise in Illegal Border Crossing

Fringe authorities are planning for another spike in haven searchers coming unlawfully into immigration to Canada from the U.S. as the climate gets hotter.

The RCMP captured in excess of 3,000 sporadic outskirt crossers in January and February, some portion of an aggregate number of 7,800 refuge searchers handled by the government movement office and the Canada Border Services Agency amid a similar day and age.

Those figures do exclude in excess of 600 extra entries who entered the nation illicitly through Quebec over the Easter end of the week.

Authorities are anticipating that those numbers should keep on growing as temperatures rise. Movement and CBSA authorities have been planning for the deluge subsequent to getting captured level footed the previous summer managing a startling surge in for the most part Haitian vagrants entering immigration to Canada through Ontario and Quebec. Continue reading “Border Officials of Canada Prepare For Another Rise in Illegal Border Crossing”