December 22 Express Entry Draws Send ITAs to 2,878 Candidates

2,878 applicants in the Express Entry pool are now one step closer to becoming the permanent resident of Canada. You heard it right. Canada carried out Express Entry draw on December 22 and to the surprise of many people, a record number of aspirants were sent the Invitation to Apply (ITA).

These applicants will now have to submit their application for permanent residency, along with supporting documents within the next 90 days. The latest draw from Canadian authorities has surprised everyone who wishes to immigrate and settle in the country.

The first element of surprise was the gap between the two draws, as the one before this happened less than seven days ago, and the second surprise element is that it took place for the first time on Thursday.

The number of ITAs that have been issued in this draw means that, aspiring immigrants can expect more ITAs to be issued in the coming year. The number of ITA issued in 2016 has been far more than what was issued in the year 2015.

A Move in the Right Direction

The latest Express Entry draw can be seen as the most recent move that has taken place in recent months and weeks. The number of ITAs that have been issued has gone up steadily since summer. In the latest draw, it has reached a point where four times more ITAs have been issued than it has few months ago.

The profiles of many candidates have become more competitive ever since improvements have taken place in the Express Entry system and have been put into force from 19th November. According to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the changes have balanced the Comprehensive Ranking System as it lays more emphasis on human capital including skills and experience.

It was expected that CRS threshold will go up before coming down

Experienced analysts were of the belief that the changes in the immigration system will increase the CRS threshold for a short while, before coming down. However, with the latest draw, all the things are looking promising for aspiring immigrants.

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