Democratic Cities under Fire from Donald Trump for Defending Illegal Immigrants

Donald Trump, the new president elect of United States of America, is preparing to deliver what he promised on illegal immigrants residing in the country. However, his act is not without resistance from some major cities in the country, WWICS.

In the latest news update, at least seven major cities in America have shown their commitment to safeguard illegal immigrants from federal immigration authorities. This decision has come after Republican president announced that federal funding will be blocked for “sanctuary cities”.

Sanctuary policies vary in every city. Basically, local police department do not help federal authorities from indentifying undocumented residents for deportation, except for if they have committed any serious crime.

The Immigrant Legal Resource Center based in San Francisco has identified numerous policies that put some limits on these kinds of requests. After Trump has been elected as the president, Democratic mayors from cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Seattle, and Providence, among others, have decided to oppose the crackdown on illegal immigration charted by Trump administration.

This is a matter of many billions of dollars. For example, nearly $ 1 billion is given to San Francisco every year by the federal government, both through the state and directly. The city is gearing up to assess the impact it will have to bear due to the actions taken by the federal government. Human service programs and public health would certainly be affected if it happens.

According to legal experts, when it comes to funding the local governments, the president has limited amount of powers and need approval from the Congress. This is particularly true when it comes to health care programs such as Medicaid.

The allocation of grants can be slowed or suspended by the Trump administration to those that are dispensed by the Department of Homeland Security or by the Justice Department. On the other hand, more money will be directed to those cities that cooperate with the immigration laws of the federal government.

It is clear that there is difference in opinion between the federal government and local authorities on the issue of illegal immigration. It looks like that thing will not be easy for Donald Trump when it comes to picking out illegal immigrants and deporting them.

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