Donald Trump Can Use His Executive Powers to Implement Immigration Policies

When it comes to making the promised changes in immigration policy, President-elect Donald Trump does not need permission from anyone as he can exercise his executive powers, something for which he criticized President Barack Obama from using  WWICS .

Without any doubt, President has the power to bring in the changes even without having legislative approval. However, the complete implementation of the changes requires funding and this is controlled by Congress.

The promised changes on immigration can be accomplished by Donald Trump by putting out new enforcement directives in the field for Department of Homeland Security.

The expenditure involved in bringing these changes can be massive as a dramatic expansion of immigration court is required, including the detention facilities that will be used by Immigration and Custom Enforcement people.

Deporting people will require more staff members at various to make sure that all the steps are implemented. Immigration courts already have a backlog of over 500 thousand cases. There are nearly 41,000 people are being detained and are awaiting hearings for being deported.

It has been ruled out by courts recently that adults and children cannot be detained for more than 20 days as they are awaiting immigration hearings.

At present, the president-elect Donald Trump is focused on building his cabinet and to make sure his administration hit the ground running on inauguration day. They will be spending lot of time discussing the specifics of the changes to be brought in.

People are preparing to oppose the proposals from Donald Trump and are getting ready on how they can stop Trump from implementing. This scenario will be similar to the one faced by Obama when he tried to implement certain rules on his own.

Picking the Easiest Route

The easiest way for Trump to please his supporters will be to reverse the executive orders from President Obama. It is possible that president elect will reverse the orders made by Obama to allow illegal children to apply for work permit.

As and when this rule is rolled back, it is possible that over 740,000 people risk the chance of being deported. It is possible that authorities can use the information of these people to pick them out and deport them.

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