Donald Trump Faces Strong Opposition on His Immigration Plans

WWICS  – The new president elect of America, Donald Trump marches ahead with his transition process. The Latino communities in America are preparing for the worst that can happen to them, as the most anti-immigration administration take office in modern history.

The new administration has chalked out plans of what it will try to achieve and do in the first 100 days. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program (DACA) which was originally created by President Obama by exercising his executive order will be terminated by the President-elect.

Under the DACA program, people who entered the country as children and fulfill certain requirements are protected from being deported from the country and have the permission to study, work and serve in the military.

In case Trump goes ahead with what he promised and terminated the program, there will be a negative impact on nearly 800,000 people and their families, which in turn impact the US economy.

Efforts are being made to save DACA in the Senate by introducing the BRIDGE Act, the Bar Removal of Immigrants Who Dream and Grow the Economy Act. Earlier this week, the BRIDGE Act was introduced again, something which will give three years of protection to people who entered United States as children and enable them to study, work and serve in the military.

This program is being designed to protect the status quo of the members of DACA program without which these people will be forced back in the darkness. These programs do not harm the American economy in any form; on the contrary, it has benefitted the economy of the country.

According to an estimate from the Congressional Budget Office, the economic benefits of supporting DACA as it has been estimated that US GDP will be raised by $90 billion in the next ten years. Along with this, the labor force market of US will expand by roughly 150,000 workers, which in turn will increase the productivity of America.

In the same 10 year period, there will be a reduction of $25 billion federal deficits and increase in the average wages for US born workers by $170 billion. The basic American values also show their support towards continuing DACA program.

America has always been a land of multi-culture people. In case you wish to immigrate to USA, make sure, you do so with complete information.

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