Donald Trump’s First Day at Office – No Talks on Immigration

he day one of President Donald Trump went softly which is quite different from the way he had been promoting himself. As of now, the immigration policies of Obama administration are in place.

Donald Trump conquered the seat of president on the promise that he will build a wall and to deport people who are residing in the country in an illegal manner.

Trump administration promised to bring into force ‘extreme vetting’ of immigrants, and stop immigration for certain countries from the first day.

The issue of immigration has not been touched on the first day. During the first two rounds of executive actions, Trump touched the topics of health care, trade, abortion and federal regulations and hiring. Moreover, there is no clear cut indication as to what topics the new administration wants to pick up in the near future.

What is bit surprising is that when it comes to taking actions on unauthorized immigrants living in United States at present, the new administration has taken a softer stance, much like the Obama administration.

According to experts, there is no change in stance, things have only started slow. It is clear that, Trump administration will take some action on illegal immigrants and in the coming weeks some executive actions will take place.

The thing that has grabbed everyone attention is that the No. 1 campaign issue of the president was not on his agenda on the first day. This shows that the White House might slip into some kind of difficulty unexpectedly.

There was news that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program will be put to an end by President Trump. This program provides protection to nearly 750,000 unauthorized immigrants from deportation and given them work permits.

Sean Spicer who is the press secretary at White House has mentioned that Trump administration will take action of illegal immigrants particularly against those who pose a threat and / or with criminal record.

Everyone is waiting as to what action Donald Trump will take on immigration. In case you want to keep yourself updated on the latest happenings in immigration policies, do check back again.

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