Donald Trump’s Immigration Pick Attacked Programs from Obama Administration

Lee Francis Cissna, President Trump’s candidate to head the elected organization that handles applications for visas, outcast status and citizenship, has put little on the general population record in his 20 years as a legal counselor, government representative, negotiator and Capitol Hill assistant.

In any case, it turns out he has left many pieces of information about how he could invert Obama-time strategies on the off chance that he progresses toward becoming executive of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, a non-authorization arm of the Department of Homeland Security.

On Wednesday, May 24, Cissna, 50, who has dealt with migration arrangement at Homeland Security for quite a bit of his profession, is planned to show up at an affirmation hearing led by Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley. From 2015 until not long ago, Cissna worked for Grassley on movement issues, having been point by point to his staff by Homeland Security. Amid that time, he stayed on the office’s finance.

While there, he drafted many letters under the representative’s name to Homeland Security authorities, helping Grassley, an Iowa Republican, to strengthen his oversight of migration and making an outline for disassembling President Obama’s drives, as per twelve present and previous organization and congressional staff individuals.

Huge numbers of the Obama-period compassionate movement projects were made through official activity and in this way can be effectively upset. Trump has as of now issued a few official requests on movement planned to limit the space of migration officers to concede individuals into the U.S. A large portion of the points of interest of these approach changes, and additionally how they will be completed by the 19,000 USCIS representatives, will tumble to Cissna if he’s affirmed.

The Grassley letters composed amid Cissna’s residency “show a general against settler see,” said Stephen Yale-Loehr, a teacher of movement law at Cornell who checked on them at ProPublica’s ask. “They assume that migrants are just making hurt the United States rather than giving it a more nuanced perspective of both advantages and the potential perils of migration.”

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