Experience, Skills and Human Capital will be given More Value under the New Express Entry System

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has given a slight glimpse of how the new Express Entry system will look like. After working on the Express Entry system, IRCC has learned a lot many things from the experience and the changes that it has planned is based on the experience it has gained.

For instance, in the first year of Express Entry system, nearly 16% of the candidates were either food service supervisors or cooks. This is because a job offer was given more weight age in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

Changes have been made in the number of points that will be given under the CRS to a candidate who has a job offer. The new rules will provide a more equitable spread of weight age to all the occupations that are being invited to apply for Canada permanent residency.

During the 24th Annual Immigration Law Summit, which will be held this week in Toronto, Ontario new insights were revealed. Among other details it was revealed that IRCC is planning to issue more ITAs throughout the year 2017 than ever before. The goal of Canada government will be to give more value to skills, human capital and experience.

A Qualifying Job Offer

All the aspiring immigrants should make a note that, a job offer was not, and is not, required by you to enter the Express Entry Pool or get an ITA.

Till November 19, 2016, 600 CRS points were awarded to a candidate who has a qualifying job offer. After this date, a qualifying job offer is only worth 200 or 50 points. An addition has been made to this rule that, points are also being awarded to some non-LMIA based job offers for the first time.

The government of Canada has also stated that more changes may be expected in the year 2017. In the expected changes additional points will be given to French-speaking candidates or those with siblings in Canada.

At the moment, it is not clear as and when these changes will be made or when they will come into effect. Keep yourself updated with the new changes that may happen in the Canadian immigration system.

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