Express Entry Program for Canada – 2018 Updates

The head office of the world’s largest immigration consultant, WWICS, is located in Mohali, Punjab. This 24+ years immigration company started from one office and in a time frame of 2 decades it has grown into a multi-national company, having branches across the globe.

WWICS has helped thousands of aspiring immigrants in fulfilling their dream to settle happily in the country of their choice. It has enabled numerous people in settling permanently in Canada by way of Express Entry program for Canada.

Canada has been the most preferred country for aspiring immigrants. There are many reasons as to why this is so. For a number of times, Canada has been ranked in the top 10 best countries to live, whether it is in terms of job satisfaction, high standard of living, world class education service and medical service, or the satisfaction of living in a peaceful place as a whole.


WWICS is the main business entity that provides back end immigration service to clients. Clients are advised and guided on how they can resettle in a new country and what is the best option available to them depending on their profile. Candidates are also helped in applying for Express Entry program for Canada.

Assistance is provided to clients in preparing their visa application file and submitting the application to concerned authorities / embassies. Clients are also assisted in procuring various documents that are required to support what has been mentioned on their visa application. This business entity also guides the clients on what all things they will require in settling in a new country.

Here, assistance and back end service is provided in obtaining permanent residency of various countries like Canada, USA, Australia, UK, New Zealand, different European countries and Caribbean Islands. Here assistance is also provided on how you can apply for Express Entry Canada.

Service is also provided to students who want to pursue education in overseas universities / institution, wherein they are guided in selecting the right university depending on their future educational requirements and applying for student visa for the respective country.

Here, service is also provided to businessperson, entrepreneurs, investors who want to grow their business or establish a new one in overseas market. Technical guidance is provided to businesspersons in finding an opportunistic market depending on their business requirement and guided on how investment can be made and obtain business immigration.

This business entity also provides service in obtaining permanent residency for skilled workers. Wide variety of professionals such as engineers, doctors, nurses, information technology professionals, and skilled trades people (electricians, welders, plumbers, etc.) are guided and served in the best way on how they can settle in a new country.

At the WWICS Mohali office, there is a call center division where varied queries of clients are handled such as immigrating to a new country, obtaining student visa, which is the best country to immigrate, how they can immigrate to a particular country, among others.

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