The Immigration Status of Melania Trump May be due to Chain Immigration

The Slovenian guardians of first woman Melania Trump are legitimate perpetual inhabitants of the United States, as per the attorney speaking to them in the process – bringing up issues about whether they are living in the US by the very means President Donald Trump has emphatically condemned and tried to end.

Viktor and Amalija Knavs have been living in the United States with green cards and have been every now and again seen in Washington since their child in-law accepted the administration Quebec immigration.

The Knavs’ movement lawyer, Michael Wildes, disclosed to CNN that as of February, the couple are living in the US on green cards – a status that enables them to live and work in the US uncertainly and prepares for citizenship.

“I can affirm they are green card holders and lawful perpetual occupants of the United States,” he said. Wildes did not clarify how they got those green cards, raising the prospect they were supported in light of what Trump has called “chain relocation.”

The Washington Post initially revealed the Knavs’ movement status.

There are just a modest bunch of ways that outsiders to the US can get green cards, and the biggest offer of them every year are given out in view of familial associations. A more modest number go to workers in view of their business, and different classifications incorporate displaced people and other exceptional cases.

Backers for confining lawful movement have indicated the lopsidedness for family associations as confirmation of the requirement for change, requiring a “legitimacy based” framework that would pick workers in view of need in the US.

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