Manitoba Announces New Immigration Strategy for 2017 and Beyond

WWICS – A new Labor Market Strategy has been released by the government of Manitoba for immigrating under the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP).

In recent years, the province of Manitoba which is situated in central Canada has become one of the most preferred destinations for new immigrants, particularly due to abundant job opportunities and a better standard of living.

The aim of the new immigration strategy will be to match labor market demands with nominees. There is expectation that most nominees in the category of skilled worker will be given nomination with a job offer. There will be some who will be given nomination without a job offer and this group will be given a matching job after they arrive in the province.

What is the Need for this New Strategy?

This change has come only after a few months with change in Manitoba government. The office has now been taken by the Progressive Conservative who replaced the New Democratic Party (NDP).

As per the Labor Market Projections of Manitoba from 2016 – 2022, it has been indicated that there will requirement for immigrant skilled workers in specific skills, occupations and sectors. Demand is also there for entrepreneurs who can make investment and start new businesses creating jobs for the local people.

It has been predicted that there will be more than 160,000 job openings in the coming years both for replacement and expansion in the labor market. Nearly 25% of this demand will be fulfilled by immigrants.

The sectors where high demand will be seen include health, business and finance, sales and service, trades and transportation. To get a job offer in any of the trade, a worker will be required to have the right skill sets and training.

Federal government of Canada has also framed its immigration plans for 2017 and it has increased the immigration targets for the economic categories and cleared its stance that immigration numbers will be increased in the coming time.

The government of Manitoba has gained confidence because of this move from the federal government and it too has increased its nomination share for the coming time. The objective of the province is to make improvements in the existing Expression of Interest system for skilled workers.

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