Mayors across US Defy Donald Trump’s Plan on Immigration

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray paid a visit to a local school, a day after Donald Trump was voted as the new president of United States. According to Ed Murray many of the students there are undocumented Latino who are upset by the new elected President. During the election campaign, Trump vowed to deport millions of American residents just like them.

Murray has planned to face the threat from federal government and has vowed to preserve Seattle as a sanctuary city. Seattle is one of the many cities across US that have decided to resist the orders from the federal government concerning deportation of illegal immigrants.

Murray stated that if we comply with the federal orders thousands of young people like these will be thrown out of the city where they have been living since they are born. They will be forced to move to a place they actually don’t know, something which is immoral.

The immigration policy has led to a clash between the predominantly Democratic Mayors across America and the incoming Republican administration. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio have both decided to keep the sanctuary status of their cities.

Mayors of nearly two dozen more cities including Newark, Baltimore, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New Jersey have decided to follow the footsteps of New York City and Chicago and refuse to comply with the federal immigration agents.

Donald Trump has taken note of these cities and has chalked out a plan to take actions against such cities. It has been decided by the new federal government that money for such cities will be slashed.

Reince Priebus the incoming chief of staff of Trump administration stated that funding will be cut down for cities that refuse to work with immigration officials to track down undocumented officials.

The fate of millions of undocumented immigrants is hanging on a pivotal point. The outcome of the fight between federal government and local officials will decide whether these people will remain in the country or not.

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