New Brunswick Wants to Increase Immigration to Overcome Labour Shortage

Four decades ago, the labour force of New Brunswick was increasing at around 4,000 people in a year. The present situation is, the population of this place is shrinking at almost the same rate.

According to economist and author Richard Saillant, thanks to the nearly 1,000 new immigrants that are coming to New Brunswick every year.

The population of this province is not reducing at the same rate. You can immigrate to Canada through Express Entry program for Canada.

Saillant added that if the province wants to stabilize the workforce than it needs to bring in nearly 3,000 every year. This number of immigrants will be just enough so as to stop the reduction in workforce. Consult a reputed immigration consultant to apply for express entry for Canada.

The primary reason for this reduction in workforce in New Brunswick is that more number of people are retiring than the ones working or looking for work. The same trend can be seen in other Atlantic provinces of Canada.

Nearly a third of the population of New Brunswick was born between 1945 to 1965 that is during the baby boom years, and most of these people are closing to their retirement age. New immigrants come through express entry program for Canada.

Surprisingly, the province has less children below the age of 15 than people who are above 65 years of age.

The economic growth of New Brunswick is growing by only 0.5% annually and the only reason for this is short of workers. This has created a ripple effect and the tax base of New Brunswick is reducing because of which it is struggling to meet the social service and health care needs of aging population.

Sallian has stressed that the province is making progress in bringing new immigrants, however, it needs to increase its efforts four fold than what it is doing now. The economist has warned that the health care spending will increase considerably in the coming years.  Consult a reputed immigration consultant to apply for express entry for Canada

These economists are working to create awareness in communities about the demographic crisis and the need to increase the number of new immigrants.

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