New Changes Implemented in The Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System

New changes have been implemented in the Express Entry pool as on June 6th, 2017. According to these changes candidates in the pool may obtain additional points under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) provided they have sibling in Canada.

Moreover, candidates will also be able to score more points if they are able to prove their proficiency in French.

These are the latest enhancements made by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) in the Express Entry immigration system and thus making it more dynamic and the main propellant for economic immigration to Canada.

Along with the changes in the CRS, registration in the Canadian Job Bank is no longer necessary for candidates without a provincial nomination or a qualifying job offer. Candidates, however, are at the liberty to look for employment opportunities by enrolling for the free service from the Job Bank.

The announcement for these changes were first made in March but they have been implemented only this week, and they are not as big as the changes that were made last November.

Who will be affected by these changes?

The present changes are different from those made in November last year, as the candidates in the Express Entry pool will not see a reduction in their CRS points table. Having a sibling in Canada and / or proven proficiency in French language will only work to provide more points but will not cut down anything.

Candidates with sibling in Canada will get additional 15 points and those having proven ability in French will get 15 or 30 points. The single most valuable factor in the system is the provincial nomination obtained from a province which provides 600 points.

Talking about the recent changes made in the immigration system, the Canadian Minister of Immigration Ahmed Hussen stated that “highly talented and skilled immigrants are attracted by these economic immigration programs that are managed under the Express Entry system. It is what is required by businesses here to grow and strengthen the economy.”

The latest changes will not directly affect the candidates in the pool, however, the new additional factors will have shift the make-up of the pool by some degree. To know how these changes will effect your immigration plans, contact WWICS.

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