US Green Cards Will Be Given to Immigrant Workers Who Helped Clean Up Ground Zero


Ground Zero recuperation laborers would get green cards enabling them to live lawfully in the United States under new enactment reported Sunday by Rep. Joseph Crowley. The bill would give legitimate status to specialists like Carlos Cardona, who chipped away at the cleanup after the Sept. 11 dread assaults yet confronted expelling over a three-decade-old medication conviction.

Donald Trump Is Winning the Battle on Immigration


With his affinity for tweeted abuse and GIFs, President Trump will never be mixed up for an ace of the sweet craft of influence. However he is unmistakably winning people in general contention on the issue of movement.He isn’t doing it through maintained, watchful consideration. No, it is the sheer actuality of his November triumph, and the information demonstrating the significance of the issue of migration to it, that has started to move the scholarly atmosphere.

US Supreme Court Gives Donald Trump Permission to Impose Travel Ban


The Supreme Court of United States has ruled that the travel ban imposed by the President Donald Trump will be brought into effect regardless of the fact that these foreign nationals have strong relationship with an entity or a person in the United States. What is worth noting here is that the move made by President Trump to ban people from certain countries from coming to the US was rolled out in January, but the government of Canada has clearly stated that there is no such rule in this country.

Immigration The Main Issue in Italy’s Local Election


The middle right contender for chairman of Como, Mario Landriscina, a specialist who once did United Nations alleviation work, says that Italy is second to none in protecting vagrants and that dismissing displaced people or minors is not feasible. Be that as it may, he demands, the time has come to expel the transients who curse his nice looking and efficient town, where they rest in surrendered carports or dally on the esplanade around Lake Como, otherwise called an extravagance goal for George Clooney than as a magnet for lose hope.

Donald Trump Showed His Soft Side Towards Immigration


Nobody turned up their nose and everybody was paying attention. US President Donald Trump and top tech titans from Silicon Valley occupied with a soul of useful collaboration on Monday in spite of profound doubts, a meeting that seemed to come about, in addition to other things, in a softening of the Trump organization’s hardline position on work visas. Calling them ‘exceptional individuals’ who are at ‘without a doubt the forefront of advancement,’ Trump promised to work ‘perseveringly with everyone, including Congress, on movement so you can get the general population you need in your organizations.’

Bill for Canadian Citizenship Moves Ahead to Become Law


The Bill C-6 which proposed to make it easy to become citizens of Canada for permanent resident has moved a step ahead to become a law. Mobina Jaffer, Canadian Senator revealed on June 15th that the bill may get the royal approval as early as next Monday.

The Senate has passed the legislation for Bill C-6 on June 15th in a vote for 51 for and 29 against. The bill was previously passed by the Senate with three amendments on 3rd May. The government reviewed those amendments after that and it was returned back to the Senate and it passed from there with a better majority as compared to the previous one.

A Second Chance May be Given for Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship Visa


At the recent conference of the Canadian Bar Association, an announcement was made by a representative of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) that the department is looking forward to have one more round of invitation to accept applications from people who want to sponsor their grandparents and parents to settle permanently in Canada. The representative was referring to the Parent and Grandparent Program (PGP). In case IRCC plans to carry out one more draw, it is expected to happen in the coming months.


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