Processing Time for Family Category Immigration Visa to be Reduced to 12 Months

John McCallum, the federal Immigration Minister of Canada, has announced that the time taken to process spousal / common-law partner category visa will be halved to 12 months. At present, the government of Canada takes nearly 24 months to process this visa. The ultimate goal of the government is to reduce its processing times to as little as six months.
The announcement was made on December 7 in Brampton by John McCallum. In all probability, the news will be welcomed by thousands of sponsors and sponsored person who are looking forward to settle in Canada.
McCallum added that the changes will also apply to those people who have already submitted their application along with those who will submit their application in future. It has also been added by the department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) that the government does not desire to have a system that is divided in two.
Candidates who come in first will be served first in the new system; this means those people who have already submitted their application will be given a decision before others. When the office was taken up by Liberal government last year, it used to take around 26 months to process spouse / common-law partners visa.
It used to take around 18 months for common-law partners / spouses who have been living outside Canada. The new target of 12 months that has been set by the government will apply to all the candidates whether they are living inside or outside Canada.
McCallum added that the changes announced by the government will be permanent in nature. Governments may change, politicians may change, by the departments and people working in there remain the same always.
The federal immigration minister mentioned that these changes are being made after listening to Canadian people. Stronger families living together will lay down the foundation for a stronger Canada. In the coming time, a Canadian who marries a person from another country will not have to wait for years before they can unite.
It has been planned by the government of Canada that nearly 64,000 new people will settle in Canada under this visa category. You can ask your questions from WWICS complaints cell, which is one of the largest immigration service provider. WWICS has helped numerous clients in settling happily in their dream country in its more than two decades of operation. You can read the feedback of these clients in the WWICS reviews section.

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