US Supreme Court Divided on Immigration

The US Supreme Court is divided on the issue of immigrants detained while deportation proceedings for more than six months by the US government should be able to seek their release or not.

This dispute has taken up particular importance as the president elect; Donald Trump makes changes in immigration regulations, something which has put more people who are awaiting detention. Continue reading “US Supreme Court Divided on Immigration”

A Brief Look at the IELTS Requirements for Canadian Immigration

When you immigrate to a country it is important that you understand the language of the local people living there. Regardless of how proficient you are in your job, it will be of little use unless you are able to communicate with the people around you.

If you want to immigrate to Canada or Australia you should show that you are good in speaking and understanding English. There are different testing standards which you will have to clear to show that you can understand and communicate with the local people living there. Continue reading “A Brief Look at the IELTS Requirements for Canadian Immigration”