Trump Passes Executive Order Suspending US Refugees Programs

The entry of Syrian refugees in US has been banned by President Donald Trump till further notice. Wide-ranging executive orders have been signed by Donald Trump and it included suspension of refugee admission for four months.

Six Muslim countries have received ban on entry of visitors to US for a period of three months. The move has been condemned by some high profile figures and human rights group.

Gen James Mattis has been sworn in as the defense secretary at a ceremony held at Pentagon thereafter an executive order was passed by Mr. Trump.

At the time of signing the order, Donald Trump stated that he has taken up this vetting measure to stop radical Islamic terrorist from coming into the United States. The country will only welcome those people who support our country and love the people living here.

It was only after several hours from signing the details of the executive orders were disclosed. Some of the salient points of the measures are:

  • US Refugees Admission Program has been suspended for 120 days
  • Banning refugees coming from Syria till the time ‘significant changes’ are there
  • Arrivals from Iraq, Syria, Libya, Sudan and Somali has been suspended for 90 days
  • In 2017, only 50,000 refugees will be accepted which is less than half of the upper limit of Obama.

The final order did not contain any mention of forming a ‘safe zone’ in Syria. An order has also been passed which makes it mandatory for all the immigration programs to have questionnaire that will judge the suitability of a candidate in contributing positively to the economy of the country.

In a TV interview Donald Trump stated that Christian immigrants coming from Syria will be given priority in the future.

An executive order was also signed by President Donald Trump with the aim to rebuild military and providing them with new ships, planes, tools and resources.

It remains to be seen what affect President Trump executive order on immigration will have and what he plans to do in future.

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