US Green Cards Will Be Given to Immigrant Workers Who Helped Clean Up Ground Zero


Ground Zero recuperation laborers would get green cards enabling them to live lawfully in the United States under new enactment reported Sunday by Rep. Joseph Crowley. The bill would give legitimate status to specialists like Carlos Cardona, who chipped away at the cleanup after the Sept. 11 dread assaults yet confronted expelling over a three-decade-old medication conviction.

“They went to work at a long, risky and miserable occupation of tidying up the obliteration of a fear based oppressor assault on that day. There is no doubt what they did was past enthusiastic; it was courageous,” Crowley (D-Queens) said at a public interview outside City Hall.

“They served our nation when we required a hand, and now we’re just indicating them, shockingly, the back of our own. Rather than appreciation, they’re being demonstrated the entryway.”

Cardona burned through four months in an ICE detainment focus anticipating expulsion. Gov. Cuomo exculpated him for a 27-year-old conviction for endeavored tranquilize deal after the Daily News given an account of his case. He was discharged by ICE yet his case stays pending.

The new enactment would permit an expected 1,000 to 2,000 undocumented workers who drudged at the destruction of the World Trade Center to end up noticeably lasting occupants, and inevitably fit the bill for citizenship.

“It was something that I needed to accomplish for this incredible country. … It was an obligation to me to be there,” Cardona, 48, who lives in Queens and has a spouse and little girl who are U.S. subjects, said of his work after the assaults.

He later created respiratory issues, however said he would not waver to put himself at hazard once more. “On the off chance that it would happen once more, really, they could rely on me. I would be there,” he said. “It’s not reasonable what they’re doing to us.” Cardona’s little girl, Giselle, engaged President Trump as a New Yorker to recall the repercussions of the assault.

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