US Supreme Court Divided on Immigration

The US Supreme Court is divided on the issue of immigrants detained while deportation proceedings for more than six months by the US government should be able to seek their release or not.

This dispute has taken up particular importance as the president elect; Donald Trump makes changes in immigration regulations, something which has put more people who are awaiting detention.

This is what was pledged by Donald Trump during the election campaign and will be going ahead with it when he takes office on January 20, 2017.

The argument in the Supreme Court went on for nearly an hour as the four liberals of the court showed their support to immigrants that are being held for over six months. As the deportation cases of these immigrants unfold, they could argue for their freedom.

Skepticism has been shown by conservative justices. The Supreme Court of United States may be seeing another deadlock, as it is divided along ideological lines.

It was asked by the Obama administration to take a look at these cases and the justices have expressed that it can be allowed in certain instances, however, a complete overhaul of the ruling is not possible.

The case may also have an effect of illegal residents who are living in the country from a long time. In order to meet the due process of US Constitution, Liberal Justices have asked for a hearing of the case.

According to Justice Elena Kagan, you cannot lock-up people without any incidence of fight risk or dangerous incidence, and that too for such a long period of time.

According to Justice Sonia Sotomayor, we are in a completely different world if we lock up people for such a long period.

It remains to be seen how the things unfold as Donald Trump takes office in January. As of now, the fate of these illegal immigrants who are trapped hangs in the loom.

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