US Supreme Court Gives Donald Trump Permission to Impose Travel Ban


The Supreme Court of United States has ruled that the travel ban imposed by the President Donald Trump will be brought into effect regardless of the fact that these foreign nationals have strong relationship with an entity or a person in the United States. What is worth noting here is that the move made by President Trump to ban people from certain countries from coming to the US was rolled out in January, but the government of Canada has clearly stated that there is no such rule in this country.

People who want to come to Canada, whether permanently or temporarily, will not be effected by the travel ban imposed by the US. It should also be noted here that visa applications that are processed by Canada is not effected in any way by this ban and do not take into account the ban imposed on certain countries.

Who will be affected and When?

The travel ban has been imposed on citizens of Libya, Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen and Syria. It has been stated by the President Trump that the ban will become effective within three days from the court ruling.

The justices of the Supreme Court has given the ruling that foreign nationals in these countries that has relationships or ties in the US will not be stopped from entering the United States of America.

People who have never traveled to the US and those who do not have any ties, business or family members in the country, will not be given the permission to enter the country. In the US, the highest federal court is the Supreme Court and the decisions made by it overrules the orders that have been passed by lower courts, including that on travel ban.

The latest travel ban was passed on March 6th and it followed an order that was passed before that and the one which also included Iraqi citizens. The order passed on March 6th puts a ban on travelers for a period of 90 days from the six mentioned countries. A ban for a period of 120 days has been imposed on all refugees.

The latest decision from the US Supreme Court can be viewed as a partial victory for the Trump administration. However, the confusion over this ruling has not gone away completely. Two justices are of the view that it will be difficult to provide the “bona fide” relationship with the US.

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